The (sub)urban gardener: part 1 of many..

I was into gardening from a young age

We moved into our current, and first actual, house in late March this year (2010) and this is the first time in my 11 years of living in London that I have had an outside space to call my own. I have to admit that I have been maybe a smidge over-excited about the whole thing for months now and my poor man is a little dumbfounded by my constant need to go to garden centres and read books on how to grow your own veg, and how to successfully (and organically, in an ideal world) get rid of the bloody slugs and snails that are decimating all of my lovely veg!

To be honest I am one of those people who gets really excited about a new project or hobby. I look it all up on the internet and then go and spend a large amount of cash on getting all of the right bits and books for that particular pursuit. I am then the happiest girl in the world for say a month or so and them I am bored and it is time to move on. I never did have the best attention span, school reports will back this up! I think there was something about talking in there too.

So anyway, my garden is not all that big, as London gardens tend to be a little on the small side. It is ‘tastefully’ crazy paved with two random raised concrete flower beds. If it were my own garden I would happily take a pneumatic drill thingy to the whole garden! In one flower bed is a huge and ancient Bay and in the other is a lovely climbing rose. Other than that the garden was bare when we moved in, unless you want to count the two foot high weeds everywhere!And the spiders, oh that was a little on the not so pleasant side. Good thing I grew up in the country really as all my city friends seem to find the need to scream hysterically as soon as they see a money spider!

I have put a lot of work into my garden, ‘he’ just stores his bike and his barbacue in it. But, I do have to admit that it was all a bit slapdash at the beginning when my excitement and the fact that it was the end of March sent me to the garden centre in a mad rush to buy anything and everything. I wanted to harvest veg at the end of the summer so I grabbed what I could and…

Look again soon for further entertainment as I bumbled my way through my first spring and summer and had a few successes and more than a few failures.


3 Responses to “The (sub)urban gardener: part 1 of many..”
  1. Nuri leigh says:

    Congratulations for having your own house and garden! Gardening one of the world’s greatest blessings!
    Enjoy the rewards!
    Nuri Leigh

  2. I like gardening very much, but do not have a place of my own. God bless you.

  3. we seem to have a lot in common 🙂

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