Book Review: Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch (4 stars)

Russell Wiley is out to Lunch (4 stars)

Richard Hine

A humorous window into the world of newspaper advertising, this novel is a mocking view of the not so simple life of a media executive. In part analogous to the humour of Tom Holt in books such as, ‘You Don’t Have to be Evil to Work Here, But it Helps and part the agonising absurdities of Helen Fielding’s ‘Bridgett Jones’s Diary’. ‘Russell Wiley is Out to Lunch’ is an enjoyable read for anyone who has ever worked in an office and is weary of corporate clichés and maxims.

Russell Wiley’s world is rapidly falling apart as the new owner of the Daily Business Chronicle seeks to spend less and achieve more. To supplement this, his nearly sexless marriage is on the rocks and his self confidence is at an all time low. Russell attempts to suck up to his scheming boss and stay away from the generic, yet highly dangerous, ‘hot-shot’ consultant with his business school project plans and templates. Simultaneously trying to keep his team on target, manage out the less able of them and not think too much about the lovely Erika Fallon. At which point Russell makes the worst mistake of his career and needs to work fast to mitigate this disaster and save his paper millions.

This book is a great and very funny read and the pace definitely keeps the pages turning. I look forward to the Richard Hine’s next offering.

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