Commuter culture: part one

When I first moved to London I moved from a little village in the depths of Somerset. I had never seen so many people in one place in my life. To say I was gob-smacked maybe understating it just a little bit. But,  after a while I became used to the huge morass of people, … Continue reading

We wear the same clothes, because we feel the same

Recently I wrote a slightly tongue-in-cheek post called Peer pressure when you are 30++ and this post received a huge number of comments and pings and one particularly caught my attention and has prompted me to think more about the shoulds in my life and the lives of my peers. Thank you sylvietoldyouso for your … Continue reading

Whatever happened to personal accountability?

Recently Time magazine reported that an ex-franchise manager for McDonald’s sued his former employer for what can be essentially categorised as, making him fat. ‘Judge Joao Filho ruled on the lawsuit brought against the company by the 32-year-old former employee on Oct. 26, declaring that McDonald’s should pay $17,500 because the employee ballooned from about … Continue reading